Membership Registration Form

Membership Benefits

Membership benefits include examiner training, staff and equipment approval and advice. Each Centre provides delegates to the Examiner’s Panel where the design and content of examinations is discussed and approved. In addition, members contribute to the work of the Association using newsletters, circulars and attendance at AGM.

AMERC representatives serve on a number of committees concerned with education and training. In particular Members with specialist knowledge contribute to committees of IMO, the ITU and the Merchant Navy Training Board (MNTB).

Membership Classes

The Association offers either Full or Associate membership.

Full membership of the Association is open to companies, organisations or individuals providing courses of instruction/training leading to qualifications in one or more of the fields of:

  • Marine Radio and Aeronautical Radio Operations
  • Marine Radio and Electronic Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Radar and Electronic Navigational Aids Engineering

Associate membership is open to any company, organisation or individual with an interest in the general objectives of AMERC Ltd and on promoting those aspects of education and training which are relevant to the Association.

AMERC is always pleased to consider new applications for either full or associate membership. Applications for Full or Associate membership must be submitted to the Secretary of the Association by the 31st of January each year and shall be processed for consideration at the AGM of that year. For further details please complete the form below.



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