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  1. 15 Random Questions

    A selection of 15 questions covering all topic areas

  2. Antennas(21 questions)

    Operation, types & safety issues

  3. Equipment Tests(16 questions)

    Frequency, duration and types of tests carried out on a range of GMDSS radio equipment

  4. AGC, Power and Emissions(17 questions)

    Automatic Gain Control, Transmitter Power, Modes & Classes of Emission

  5. Batteries(9 questions)

    Care and maintenance of batteries

  6. Distress, Urgency and Safety(42 questions)

    Procedures relating to Distress, Urgency and Safety Communicatons

  7. DSC(14 questions)

    Procedures and channels for Digital Selective Calling

  8. Frequencies and Channels(12 questions)

    Use of frequencies/channels in the GMDSS

  9. General(33 questions)

    Additional questions about GMDSS rules and regulations

  10. GMDSS Sea Areas(5 questions)

    Sea areas 1 - 4

  11. IAMSAR(9 questions)

    Questions relating to IAMSAR procedure words

  12. Radio Propagation(16 questions)

    Types, modes, paths & selection of frequency/channel

  13. Satellite Communications(20 questions)

    Service codes, features and facilities

  14. EPIRBs and SARTs(17 questions)

    Types, coverage and functions

  15. Simplex and Duplex(5 questions)

    Types of transmission

  16. DSC Priority(4 questions)

    Questions focusing on signal priorities for Digital Selective Calling (DSC)

  17. Navtex(6 questions)

    Message types, frequencies used & operation

  18. False Distress Alerts(5 questions)

    Action to be taken following a false distress alert from own vessel

  19. RT (voice) Signals(4 questions)

    Voice signals to be used in Distress, Urgency and Safety situations, for radio and satellite communications

  20. Ship Reporting Systems(3 questions)

    Area for questions on ship reporting system(s) and how to access them

  21. Publications(5 questions)

    Use of Admiralty List of Radio Signals (ALRS), Admiralty Digital Radio Signals (ADRS) and other publications relating to GMDSS