Association of Marine Electronic and Radio Colleges

The Association of Marine Electronic and Radio Colleges (AMERC) is a network of colleges, universities and private organisations providing courses and consultancies in marine radio and electronics. Although UK based, the Association has members in a number of countries worldwide. It has been active in these fields for more than four decades and has powers delegated by the UK Government to approve centres and courses leading to the GMDSS suite of examinations.

AMERC, a Company Limited by Guarantee, is registered as a Charitable Trust. AMERC Ltd. trades under the name AMERC.

The Purpose of AMERC

AMERC promotes education and training in the fields of marine radio, electronics, telecommunications, radar and electronic navigational aids.

AMERC oversees the provision and delivery of courses leading to examinations for the GMDSS certificates issued by the UK Government. Once approved by the Association, centres in membership are authorised to provide courses in GMDSS operation and techniques. Quality assurance for these courses is managed on behalf of the MCA by a Chief Examiner and administered through the Association’s National Administration Centre. Examination Co-ordination Centres (ECC) provide trained examiners to conduct the GMDSS examinations at AMERC Approved Examination Venues.

Within the framework of powers delegated by the MCA, the Association is able to approve centres outside the UK that provide GMDSS operators’ courses. There are currently AMERC approved centres in the USA, the Indian sub-continent and Europe.

AMERC Organisation

The AMERC Executive Committee has the responsibility for the maintenance of standards and efficient operation of the examination system and its members are elected at each AGM. Its work is managed through its sub-committee, the Maritime Consultancy Group. This is made up from members of the Executive Committee, industry specialists, the Chief examiner and the NAC representative.

Electro-Technical Training

AMERC is also responsible for examinations and the syllabus content of marine electronics courses and qualifications. This includes the GMDSS Radio Maintenance and Electronic Navigational Equipment Maintenance (ENEM) Certificates - details available in MGN384. These Certificates are incorporated within the Merchant Navy Training Board electro-technical officer trainee scheme ...more